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Album: I, Flathead



Drive Like I Never Been Hurt


You told everybody that I couldn't drive You didn't even want me around You knocked my love and you know that's a lie 'cause I'm a good man when the flag goes down


I'm gonna drive like I never been hurt

Down the road like you never lied

I'll find my way like I never been lost

And you never laughed and I never cried


I'll say goodbye to all my friends

that won't take too very long

they'll be real big men someday

never gonna miss me when I'm gone


I'm gonna drive like I never been hurt

Down the road like you never lied

I'll find my way like I never been lost

And you never laughed and I never cried


I'm in the road I'm in the right

I got a mind to drive all night

When I get there they'll know my name

My head's blowin' loose all over again

Fuel's getting' hot sun's getting' high

Salt is burnin' in my eyes

My brain's still good my tires are fair

If my drag chute fails baby I don't care


Waitin For Some Girl

( With thanks to Silvio Lončarić, for supplying this. )


(G)I was robbed I was framed

(D)What ever happens now ain't no fault of mine

(G)I got born I got blamed

(D)Guess I should have read that detour sign

(G)I took off I hid out

(D)Jesus promised me he'd show me a sign

(G)Take your little world and show it up (D) you're askin' me buddy I'm tellin' you friend

(D)You ain't gonna pin that (D7)rap on me this (G) time


(G)'Cause I'm (Em) waitin' for some girl to (C)pick me up on her (D) way down

(Em) She'll know me in the suspect book in the (C) show-up line in the lost and (D)found


(G)I was burned I was fried

(D)There's someone out there waitin' just for me

(G)Dirty blond dirty mind

(D)We're goin' on a tri-state kill-spree

(G)Pedal's down safety's off

(D)Don't you try to take her love from me

(G)I'm warnin' you back out buddy

(D)You ain't gonna steal her (D7) love from me this (G) time


(G)'Cause I'm (Em) waitin' for some girl to (C) pick me up on (D) her way down

(Em)I'm gonna get my money back startin' with the drug-store quack

That jerked me out and hit my back and (C) never shed a (D) tear

(Em) That old man's gonna be surprised he'll be cryin' through both his eyes

When I (C) walk up and (A) say the jerk's right (D) here

(G) We're rollin' through your town tonight (C) skid marks on your face all right

(D) When she picks me up on her way (G) down

Pick me up... (G, Em, C, D...



Johnny Cash


I was just a boy in school 1954

I heard Johnny singin' on my Sears radio I wouldn't do my schoolwork then

nor join in schoolyard games I'd sit there by the radio so I could hear him sing


Hey porter, her porter would you tell me the time


I want to get on board John I want to ride your train


I don't care where you're goin' long as it ain't when I been

There ain't nothin' in this little town that a boy like me can do

So if you're goin' to Folsom Prison I want to go there too


I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die


I tried to learn the guitar blues to ease my troubled mind

But Johnny kept a movin' and I kept wastin' time

He was somewhere down Big River but all that I could see

Was west Pico Boulevard and that's what tortured me


And I followed you Big River when you called


Johnny Cash will never die buddy can't you see

He's up there with the Tennessee Two for all eternity

But sometimes in the dark of night his voice still calls to me

Hey porter hey porter was what I heard him say

On my Sears & Roebuck radio Pasadena KXLA



Can I smoke in here?


Can I smoke in here Can I sit down

Am I bothering you Are you alone

Is my tie on straight Do you rate me polite

Do I need a shave Do I seem alright

Names don't matter mine's Kash Buk No it's true

Go ahead and laugh it's good for you

What's that you're drinking I like your smile you know

Hey Mister Bartender please don't be so slow

I think we got a lot in common

That's my brand wouldn't trade it for the world

We're about the same age on the outside

Inside I'm a thousand years old

Is this your room I can't do 60 like I once could

Bet you didn't know I was that hot

You didn't know I was that good

You got nothing to fear can I smoke in here?

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Steel player friend of mine lived right down the hall

These walls are thin nobody heard him fall

Last of the best without a shadow of a doubt

Hi-Lo shag's the last thing he saw before it all faded out

What's that you say? life is like a low budget movie

slow down there honey you lost me that time

We all took less then it closed

Truest thing you said all night That's a laugh

You can write it on my epitaph

See you in heaven or next time whichever's first

I ain't USDA prime God knows you've seen worse

Just tell St. Peter at the Golden Gate

I won't be late but let me get this straight

Can I get a beer can I smoke in here



Steel Guitar Heaven


I want to go to steel guitar heaven

That's the only resting place for me

I want to go to steel guitar heaven

There's a lot of swinging cats I been wanting to see

Like Joaquin Murphy and Jimmy Day

Shake hands with Speedy and shout hooray

That's steel guitar heaven to me

I heard about steel guitar heaven

I'm going when I die

I heard Paul Bixby's been waiting

He's got something new that he wants me to try

It turns itself on and tells you a joke

Lights you a drink and pours you a smoke

Paul I don't think it's ready!

That's steel guitar heaven to me

Well, folks, I think the good Lord must love

Steel players, He's made so many of them

Matter of fact He's still trying

But the good Lord knows that the steel

Player's life on Earth isn't often easy,

So He's set aside a little corner of heaven,

Custom made, just for you.

First thing you'll notice, there's always plenty

Of courteous free parking

And don't it just seem like that old triple-neck

Ain't near as heavy as it used to be?

Step inside, and you'll find the walls are covered

In real knotty pine,

And just take a gander at all that luxurious hilo

Shag, continuous filament,

Nylon pile, wall-to-wall carpeting, Our Lord

Chose green and gold, my personal favourite.

The tables and chairs are upholstered in

genuine naugahyde, and here our Lord

chose red, I think it's appropriate.

There's always a lot of cowboy carrying on

Up on the bandstand, and you're bound to

Hear some old familiar voices calling, man,

Look who's here, come on up and sit on in,

It's C6th day again.


You can't get fired up in Heaven

Your union card's all paid

There ain't no bosses up in heaven

I heard Spade Cooley didn't make the grade

Everybody's got a story up in heaven

Some we all know well

All steel players go to heaven

Some just go through hell

But the Good Lord loves each and every one

When your ragtime cowboy days are done

Come up to steel guitar heaven with me

That's steel guitar heaven to me.



Ridin With The Blues


It's gettin'-out time down at the high school

We're checking out all the little cheerleaders like you

With your cheerleadin' dress and your cheerleadin' shoes,

Step over here baby shake hands with the blues

Ol' blues like to ride in my Cadillac

Likes to ride up in front likes to ease down in back

Slide over baby this ain't what you think

Ol' blues is gonna drive while I get us a drink

Baby you can ride with me

Hope you don't mind bein' three

Pull up your dress and kick off your shoes

You're gonna have a god time ridin' with the blues

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Goin' to take a little ride and see an old friend of mine

Do a little business down on the state line

If it don't feel right we'll bust right through

Hang on baby you're ridin' with the blues

If the police ask better give 'em the slip

Tell 'em you been out on a high school field trip


If your teachers been wonderin' just where you been gone

Tell 'em you're learnin' the blues from now on

So pull up your dress and kick off your shoes

Gonna have a good time ridin' with the blues



Pink O Boogie


There's a new dance going round the whole town's talking about

lt's socially uplifting boys but it sure is wearing me out

All my low friends in high places won't talk to me no more

They can't take no chances being Seen out on the dance floor


Pink-o Boogie's fun baby Pink-o Boogie's hot

Pink-o Boogie's got the thing you republicans just ain't got

Pink-o Boogie's cool baby Pink-o Boogie's new

I'Il join the Party baby if they let me party with you

I like tight action I Iike loose fittin' shoes

I like slow dancin' to the good ol' country blues

I like the FB.I Secret Service too

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I'd like to see J. Edgar do the Pink-o Boogie with you


Pink-o Boogie's tight baby gone right to my head

Gonna do the Pink-o Boogie till I get cherry red

Pink-o Boogie's fun baby Pink-o Boogie's hot

Bend over and let ol' Kash Buk see just what else you got

Pink-o Boogie's fun baby Pink-o Boogie's hot

Pink-o Boogie's got the thing you republicans just ain't got

Pink-o Boogie's cool baby Pink-o Boogie's new

I'Il join the Party baby if they let me do the Pink-o Boogie with you




Fernando Sez


I'm recording again and you know why

I need money and that's no lie

Fernando sez my car is trash and he wants cash


My car is old but it's still good

I wouldn't change it baby if I could

I really like that old Cadillac

Fernando sez he won't give it back


Never liked no Jap cars ain't startin' up now

The whole world's gone crazy anyhow

Public transportation gets me down

Might end up in a bad part of town


Fernando sez it's understood

No offense your credit ain't good

You white folks had it it's all gone now

Never had no rhythm anyhow

Fernando sez take a clue Fernando sez you're overdue

Fernando sez take in mind  Fernando sez it's cash on the line



Spayed Kooley


I got a dog in this fight I got troops on the ground

His name is old Spayed Kooley he's the meanest dog in town

If you think I'm foolin' try bustin' in through the door

He'll tear you a whole brand new one and you won't come back no more


Spayed's a good dog, he's really bad

He's the best pal this poor boy ever had


Now Spayed might get suspicious when first you chance to meet

So if you come a callin' you better wipe your feet

Empty out your pockets let him see your hands

Be sure to talk good English so he can understand


Spayed likes mariachis he loves to hear 'em croon

I know he'll be watchin' if the fiddles ain't in tune

When you come 'round to our table you better play it sweet

Or it's adios muchachos down on Olivera Street


Spayed's a good old dog he's really fine

So if you want to be a friend of mine

Pledge allegiance to our flag try to sing on key

And you won't have no problem with my dog Spayed Kooley



Filipino Dance Hall Girl

( With thanks to Silvio Lončarić, for supplying this. )


(D) Oh when the evening shadows fall

(A) I am dreaming

(A) Of a certain smile

A (A7)secret (D) rendezvous (D, Cdim)

(B) And when the day is past and gone

I'll come (Em)creeping

(Fdim)down the dark end of the street

Again to (A)you

(D) In a dimly lit café as we go (A) dancing

I try to smile and hide a love that's (D) true (D, Cdim, B)

(B)Then they play a lovely tune as we're (Em) romancing

Then I (D) can't pretend (D/B) no (G) matter (A7) what I (D) do

Dark and (A) different

So they (D) tell me

It's (A) forbidden

So they (D) say (D, Cdim, B)

(B) But I just tell them

We're so (Em) happy

She's my (D) Fili(D/B)pino (G)Dance(A)hall (D) Girl


Good friends all have withdrawn their salutations

Good neighbors pause when I come down the street

Preacher has a look of scorn on Sunday morning

And there's a frown on every face I see

Que Sera Sera the Bible tells me

? … so they say

But I just tell them “Adios Muchacho”

She's my Filipino Dancehall Girl

Then she whispers

While we're dancing

In a language soft and low

I just tell her “Darling I Love You”

You're my Filipino Dancehall Girl

(Aw Step On It!)



My Dwarf Is Getting Tired


Dmaj , Em, A7, F#7, Bm7


(Dmaj7) A mobile home in Anaheim

its (Em) double-wide it's (A7) new, it's clean It's a (Dmaj7) friendly town I think it's time

it's what we (F#7) need

we had a (Em) long run to(F#7)gether a life (Bm7) you can't compare

But the (Em) world is changing and it's getting (A7) strange out there (Dmaj7)


Forty years of motel rooms’ cigarettes and magazines

From Spokane clear down to Bakersfield You might have seen us on the highway so many times before

but my dwarf is getting tired and my fat man just won't travel anymore


Skinny-looking farmers brought their families

down Looking for a fat time

Had to work all day just to make them spend one thin dime

Like hot dog contests man you could eat 'em Might raise a buck or two

Boxing matches you couldn't beat 'em

That midget kangaroo was a little too fast for you


We came down here to say good by to an oldtime friend of mine

He died inside his rubber suit out on the street of dreams

It was a hot July Sunday and he was working over time

Cause the people like seeing Mickey walk by down in Anaheim


Dwarves and fat men just might do the very best they can

But they can't compare with Tomorrow Land it seems

we had some real Western times together but it can't be like before

Cause my dwarf is getting tired and my fat man just won't travel anymore

No we won't be seen from Bakersfield clear up to Spokane anymore


With Special Thanks to Jon Williams (UK)!



Flathead One More Time


Three o'clock, thismorning, I woke up in a dream.

Thought I heard a flathead motor roar, I thought I smelled gasoline.

A feeling came upon me, that I ain't had in years.

Something like a hot dry wind, whistling past my ears.

Saying "time, time, time is all you got".

There's a memory that's still burning, way down in my mind.

And that's why, I'm going out and trying, a flathead one more time.


I ain't seen my racing buddies in thirty years, or more.

One by one I lost them, out on the dry leaf floor.

We learnt to push those flathead cars as hard as they could go.

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Just like old Whiskey Bob, down on Thunder Road.

I hear their voices calling, just accross the finish line.

And that's why, I'm going out and trying, a flathead one more time.


I'll get back to you baby, don't you have no fear.

'Cos I been there, and I wrecked that, and baby I'm still here.

But I can't take you with me, when I cross the finish line.

And that's why, I'm going out and trying, a flathead, one, more, time.


Time, time, time is all you got.



5000 Country Music Songs


I started writing country songs in 1962

Just a dream that I had on my mind

My girl and I got married in 1963

We tried so hard to keep our dreams alive

So I bought an old house-trailer out on the countryside

You can't write country songs in town they say

We packed up and moved out there and as the time went by

We found that we liked living free that way


I got me an old Cadillac just to have around

Cadillacs and country songs were meant to be

I heard that old Hank Williams drove one just like mine

So I thought that something might rub off on me


You can take what you want after I'm gone

It's only just a little place that we called home sweet home

One old house trailer two rusty Cadillacs and 5000 country music songs


I always sent my songs up to Nashville town

In case the boys could use a guy like me

But the mailman brought 'em right back down and I think it made him sad

You're bound to get you one just wait and see

[ Ry Cooder Lyrics are found on www.songlyrics.com ]


I recall the year Ray Price came through town

His tour bus parked about a mile from here

I sat there in the backseat of that old Coupe De Ville

Those shoes were just too big to fill that year


A song on Bobby Bare would take you anywhere

If I'm still here it wasn't for lack of trying

My wife would tell me Honey I'm feelin' somethin' there

Don't care if Bobby never reads a line




Then late one summer evening she called me to her side

Saying sing me something in your real old style

The one I like to hear Bobby Bare passed by

I'll just close my eyes and rest a while

Well she liked that big old tree and the honeysuckle vine

And the mocking bird that sang so tenderly

I just packed up all those song words and my old guitar

I locked them up and threw away the key



Little Trona Girl


Little Trona girl, little Trona girl

Little Trona girl will you wait for me


Standing in the twilight by the highway side

In my mirror I can see the teardrops in her eyes


Little Trona girl, little Trona girl

Little Trona girl will you wait for me